MH17 tragedy and a loss of leading AIDS researchers.

Some of the world’s best AIDS compaigners, on their ways to Melbourne for the 20th international AIDS conference, lost their lives on the crashed plane MH17. plane The 20th international AIDS conference takes place in Melbourne, Australia this week starting from Sunday. There were many AIDS researchers, activists, and health workers on board the ill-fated flight to attend the conference. They all died.

Joep Lange was among the dead. He has been a Duch pioneer in HIV research since the early eighties. Also he was a former president of the International Aids Society and he managed to prevent transmission of HIV form mother to child.


Pim de Kuljer another Duch compaigner who died on board of the same flight. He is a parliamentary lobbyist for Stop Aids Now. lucie   Another victim… Dr Lucie van Mens a notable delegate who has focused on HIV ans AIDs prevention since 1995.

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