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Leila Ben Khalifa in Secret Story 8

The Tunisian young actress Leila Ben Khalifa participates in the 8th edition of the reality game show Secret Story in France this summer.


Biography of Leila Ben Khalifa

Laila Ben Khalifa was born in February 16th, 1982 in Tunisia, she is known from her early childhood in her family as “the black sheep” referring to her strong character. She studied the Fine Arts in Rome and she was presented to public as a model then as an actress. Even she has made advertisement of a famous brand of cosmetic products.

As an actress, she is famous for the role of Halima in the serie Maktoub, in which she is presented as a poor house maid.

In 2007, she participated in the Italian version of Secret Story ( Grand Fratello/ Big Brother), and today, she is free from her professional engagement, once again she accepted the challenge with the French version of the reality show.

Pictures of Leila Ben Khalifa

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Leila Ben Khalifa in Secret Story:

Secret Story is a reality game show broadcast by the French television TF1, and presented by Benjamin Castaldi since June 23th, 2007. The number of the main candidates is fifteen, they are selected regarding to their motivation, health, and how far they are able to save their secret. They are completely disconnected from the outside world during fifteen weeks in an isolated house called ” The House of secrets” where all the rooms are equipped by cameras. A candidate must save his/her own secrets and try to discover the others.


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