Tunisia: Leila Saidi Hammami is doing her presidential campaign on Facebook



Laila Saidi Hammami is the youngest independent candidate to the Tunisian presidential election of November 23rd, she tries to make her campaign special by posting it on Facebook.

Hammami, who is accused of racism by many internet users, is trying to make her campaign independently on Facebook. She has created a profile on this latter, where she posts all about her life and wishes for her country and people. But just after, a page was created on the same social network entitled ” We don’t vote for racists” (On ne vote jamais ceux qui avancent des propos racistes).

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Laila Saidi receives every day private messages from black facebookers  qualified as “African K’halichs”. To make it up, Hammami has posted on facebook that she has black origins (black father). On her first appearance on Facebook, she explains her political program referring to her profile Facebook.

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