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Mahjouba is finally free.. But is it a happy ending?


Mahjouba’s Story:

Mahjouba Mohameed Hamdidaf was born in 1991 in Western Sahara. She first went to Spain for an exchange program in 1999, and returned there every summer. In 2003, she was adopted by a Spanish family living in Valencia, and completed her study in London.

In august 2014, she travelled to Tinduf camps to visit her biological parents and see her ill grandmother, accompanied by her adoptive father who has written a book about the region. He went back to Spain one week later, and she had to follow him in August 18th. But her biological father decided not to let her go back again to Europe. “We prefer to see you dead than back in Spain” he said. On a phone call with the Spanish father, he said that he wouldn’t let her return and told them to leave her in peace. Moreover, he confiscated her passport and her phone.


Mahjouba tried to contact her sister in Spain sending her a message:” please save me, I am to do something stupid”. And after that, the Spanish family  tried to do all what they can to bring her back by force if it is the last solution.

A page created on twitter #freemahyuba made a revolution on social network plus the petition signed by more than 4000 people and was submitted to the Spanish Foreign Ministry calling on to bring Mahjouba back to Spain.


Mahjouba is finally free:

The Spanish government, NGOs, and Human Rights organization including Human Rights Watch have made the pressure on the Polisario and the Algerian Authorities in Tinduf camps who on the other hand put the pressure on Mahjouba’s father to free her.

Mahjouba is finally released, after more than two months of suffering. But her freedom has created a revolution among Tinduf Campers and the Polisario.


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Written by Safae Baba

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