Moroccan Scientists Employed by Daech Prepare Chemical Weapons.



Biologists based in Berlin, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf would have received financial quotations to prepare bacteriological weapons. The German and Moroccan secret services are under great pressure. Last August, a document on the use of the biological and chemical weapons had been found on the computer of a Tunisian student having managed to reunite ” the Islamic State ” in Syria. ” The document contained explanations on the way we could get back the bacillus of the plague of infected animals and propagate it “, calls back  Al Ahdate Al Maghribia. In the same document, revealed by the American departments, also represented information on the way this bacillus of the plague could be used in small grenades, or even in air conditioners, to make largest number of victims!

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Written by Meriem Idrissi

Born in 1981 in the south of morocco, BA degree in english linguistics and computing. My work experience is in tourism and education.

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