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    Tunisia: Leila Saidi Hammami is doing her presidential campaign on Facebook

      Laila Saidi Hammami is the youngest independent candidate to the Tunisian presidential election of November 23rd, she tries to make her campaign special by posting it on Facebook. Hammami, who is accused of racism by many internet users, is trying to make her campaign independently on Facebook. She has created a profile on this […] More

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    Turkey: Laughing Women Protesting

    Turkish women started protesting this week on social media by posting their pictures laughing against the speech of the Turkish deputy prime minister. “A woman should keep the moral uprightness, she doesn’t have the right to laugh loudly in public, she must always keep her decency”. This was the statement of the Turkish deputy prime […] More

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    Leila Ben Khalifa in Secret Story 8

    The Tunisian young actress Leila Ben Khalifa participates in the 8th edition of the reality game show Secret Story in France this summer. Biography of Leila Ben Khalifa Laila Ben Khalifa was born in February 16th, 1982 in Tunisia, she is known from her early childhood in her family as “the black sheep” referring to […] More

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    Benkirane: Moroccan Media lacks its credibility.

    The Prime Minister Abdelilah Benkirane explains in an interview that Moroccan Press needs to be more truthful and credible. According to the Moroccan prime minister, the Media is not credible. He expresses his deception at the level of data processing by the press.  He stated an example of a piece of information that was dealt with […] More

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    MH17 tragedy and a loss of leading AIDS researchers.

    Some of the world’s best AIDS compaigners, on their ways to Melbourne for the 20th international AIDS conference, lost their lives on the crashed plane MH17. The 20th international AIDS conference takes place in Melbourne, Australia this week starting from Sunday. There were many AIDS researchers, activists, and health workers on board the ill-fated flight […] More

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    Collapse of three buildings in Bourgogne has left up to 23 dead people

    Bourgogne : social tragedy whose victims increase every day! Last Friday,  one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Casablanca (Bourgogne) met a tragedy of a crush of three buildings, that left more than 23 dead bodies and 55 wounded people. The accident causes remain unknown Three buildings of four and five floors have fallen-in suddenly […] More

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    Costa Concordia floating again !

    Today’s floating cruiser ship… What remains from 2012 shipwreck! Costa Concordia is one of the largest cruiser ships in the world that is founded in Italy in 2004 by Costa Crociere. On January 2012, the ship met a desaster which becomes the only thing will forever be known for in the minds of the public. […] More